International Musicological Conference

Athens (Megaron The Athens Concert Hall), 18-20 January 2013



Organized by

Faculty of Music Studies of the University of Athens

Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”


Supported by

Athens Concert Hall Organization





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Friday, 18 January 2013






National Music School in Greece (I)

chair: Giorgos Sakallieros

Athanasios Trikoupis

George Lambelet (1875-1945): Aspects on the national and European element in Greek music

Emmanuel Seiragakis

Constantinos Chrestomanos, a pioneer overlooked

Xenia Theodoridou

Emilios Riadis’ Macedonian Shadows for two pianos: One of the first works in national style of the Greek National School, as a reflection of Greek liberatory claims

Ioannis Fulias

The composer Dimitri Mitropoulos and his relation to the Greek National School of Music

Lied and opera in 19th-century Europe

chair: Beat Föllmi

Anja Bunzel

Johanna Kinkel’s “Thurm und Fluth (Opus 19, No. 6) – Revolutionary ideas and political optimism in a 19th-century art song

Riccardo La Spina

Foreign Concepts: Mercadante’s Experimentation with Spanishness in his Operas for Spain (1826-1831)

Cristina Alvarez Losada

Towards the creation of the Spanish national lyric drama: the proposal of Felipe Pedrell (1841-1922)

Minas I. Alexiadis

Medea in opera: ethnic identity and operatic adaptations




National Music School in Greece (II) and Cyprus

chair: Stephanie Merakos

Giorgos Sakallieros

The Greek symphony (1900-1950): oscillating between Greek nationalism and Western art-music tradition

Stamatia Gerothanasi

Compositional techniques and the folk element in the musical drama The Afternoon of Love of Marios Varvoglis

Spyridoula Katsarou

The Greek Element in the work of the composer Georgios Kazassoglou (1908-1984)

Georgia Petroudi

The formation of the Cypriot musical scene during the first half of the twentieth century: Yiagkos Michailidis, the unacknowledged music figure

Aspects of music nationalism in North Europe

chair: Jim Samson

Carola Finkel

The birth of Finnish music – Sibelius’ Kullervo op. 7

Johannes Brusila

In search of “true” Finnish music: The different shapes of musical nationalism, canon formation and cultural politics

Georgia Volioti

Between Discourse and Performance Practice in Expressions of Norwegian National-Cultural Identity

Stefan Schmidl

National branding. Musical allegories and their ingredients





Keynote lecture (University of Athens, Central Building***)

Jim Samson

Hearing the Nations in Chopin


CONCERT (University of Athens, Central Building)


Saturday, 19 January 2013






Music nationalism in Portugal (I)

chair: Helena Marinho

Francesco Esposito

Between the passion for everything foreign and protectionism: the defence of the ‘national’ musician in 19th-century Lisbon

Rosa Paula Rocha Pinto

Portuguese Ballet Company “Verde Gaio” (1940-1950): “national identity” and “modernism” in the ballets of Frederico de Freitas

Francisco Monteiro

Lopes-Graça: a national composer against nationalism

Paula Gomes Ribeiro

Rebuilding a national identity through the cultural practices associated with the Teatro de Săo Carlos, in the first years of democracy in Portugal

Aspects of music nationalism in 19th and early 20th-century Greece

chair: Katy Romanou

Maria Barbaki

The contribution of the music associations to the dissemination of art music to the people in nineteenth-century Greece  

Kostas Kardamis

“Aria in idioma Greco” or Pending the Greek-speaking singers

Panos Vlagopoulos

Samaras Way: Un Greco Vero

Angeliki Skandali

Deriving from Eptanesos National forms of Hellenic music theatre (1900-1912)




Music nationalism in Portugal (II)

chair: Minas I. Alexiadis

Themed session: Frederico de Freitas and musical nationalism in Portugal in the 1930 and 1940 decades

Helena Marinho

Art music and popular music Aesthetics and interaction in Frederico de Freitas’ orchestral production

André Vaz Pereira

Tradition and modernism The works for piano solo and piano with string instruments of Frederico de Freitas

Maria do Rosário Pereira Pestana

‘Portuguese songs: Representing Portugal through song

National elements in contemporary Greek music

chair: Panos Vlagopoulos

Andriana Soulele

Greek identity and incidental music for the Ancient Greek tragedy: the folk element in Dimitris Dragatakis’s Antigone (1968) and Heracleidae (1970)

Valia Christopoulou

Between musical cosmopolitanism and modernized nationism: the national element in the music of Yorgos Sicilianos

Nicos Diminakis

Formation and Evolution of the National Element in Dimitri Nicolau’s Bis For Two for saxophone and piano




National Opera and the heroic element

chair: Kostas Kardamis

Tatjana Markovic

Struggle for liberation: Discourse of heroism in the opera Knez Ivo od Semberije (Prince Ivo of Semberia, 1910) by Isidor Bajić

Beat Föllmi

Identity under construction: the heroic opera Petru Rareş (1900) by the Romanian Eduard Caudella

Alexandros Charkiolakis

Bravery and destiny: the heroic element in Manolis Kalomiris’ Konstantinos Palaiologos

National aspects of music genres and instruments

chair: George Zervos

Wojciech M. Marchwica

Folk Clichés in Central-European Pastorellas in 17th-18th centuries

Karl Traugott Goldbach

German and French Violin School in early 19th Century Germany

Zoltan Paulinyi

Advances on Brazilian music for violin and viola pomposa




The national element in Nikos Skalkottas’ music

chair: George Fitsioris

Katerina Levidou

A Dubious Mission: Skalkottas’s Vision of Truly Greek Music and his 36 Greek Dances

Costas Tsougras

Nikos Skalkottas’ Theme & Variations piano works based on Greek folk melodies – An analytical and compositional approach

George Zervos

Aspects of hellenicity in Nikos Skalkottas’ music

Poland and the idea of national music

chair: Tatjana Markovic

Ryszard Daniel Golianek

Imaginary Poland. Musical depiction of the non-existing country in the instrumental music of the 19th century foreign composers

Katarzyna Bartos

The national element in Grażyna Bacewicz’s music

Bogumila Mika

Beauty and singularity or national message? Elements of Podhale and Kurpie folk music in 20th century Polish compositions


Sunday, 20 January 2013






Folk elements in Greek art and popular music

chair: Markos Tsetsos

Paris Konstantinidis

When Progress fails, try Greekness

Nikos Maliaras

Theories establishing the Greek National Music, the use of traditional element and the ‘rembetiko’ in Greek popular music in the 1950s and 60s. Some remarks on a special kind of political-artistic populism

Angelina Sotiriou

Laiko Oratorio: Defining the term within the area of Greek and Cypriot Music

Maria Hnaraki

Resistance through Dancing: The National Poetics of Cretan Performance

Aspects of music nationalism in Russia (I) and Armenia

chair: Alexander Ivashkin

Liudmila P. Kazantseva

Russian in music as an other-national

Olena (Yelena) Dyachkova

“Russian scherzo”: from M. Glinka to A. Glazunov

Tamsin Alexander

The Early Reception of Russian Opera in Britain: Russomania and the Problems of Putting Onegin on Again (1892-1906)

Brigitta Davidjants

Self-colonization in music: different approaches to transcription of Armenian folk tunes




Aesthetic aspects on Greek music nationalism

chair: Nikos Maliaras

Anastasia Siopsi

Music in the imaginary worlds of Greek nation: Greek art music during the nineteenth-centurys fin de siécle (1880s-1910s)

Markos Tsetsos

Greek Music: From Cosmopolitism through Nationalism to Populism

Kostas Chardas

International vs. national? Issues of (Hellenic/Greek) identity within Greek musical modernism (1950s-1970s)

Aspects of music nationalism in Serbia and Russia (II)

chair: Liudmila P. Kazantseva

Nataša Tasić

Patriotic and folklore discourse as communication tool in Serbian choral music before the Second World War

Alexander Ivashkin

Shostakovich and Russian Orthodoxy

Galina Ovsyankina

The national element in the works of composers from the school of Shostakovich




Music nationalism and historiography

chair: Anastasia Siopsi

Esperanza Rodríguez-García

Sebastián Raval and the ‘Spanish Arrogance’: How the Reputation of a Sixteenth-Century Composer was Destroyed

Naussică Tsima

Hellenic nationalism: a three-part drama and its musical accompaniment

Katy Romanou

A Paper investigating the Causes that produce Papers, Articles, Chapters and Books on the Subjects of Deconstructing, Reconstructing, Redefining, Re-Inventing, Reconsidering, Redrawing or Reshaping the Imaginary Worlds, or Myths of National Music Histories

Aspects of nationalism in contemporary art

chair: Kostas Chardas

Zachary Bernstein

The Implications of Resonance: Spectralism and the French Music-Theoretical Tradition

David J. Code

Mozart Films the Vietnam War: Music, Nation, and Gender in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Merav Meron-Dvoyris

Mediterranean folklore in the work of Israeli prog composers




Aspects of music nationalism in Hungary and Latvia

chair: Costas Tsougras

Joseph Pfender

“Feeling” vs. Appropriation: the Limits of Musical Signification in Bartók’s Mikrokosmos

Jānis Kudiņš

Folk-music allusion as Pēteris Vasks symphonic works style mark. Some issues about the national element in the music of contemporary composer

Ieva Rozenbaha

Elements of Folklore in the Requiems of Latvian Composers

Aspects of music nationalism in America and Asia

chair: Stelios Psaroudakes

Robert Waters

Searching for American Identity: Nationalism and Anti-Semitism in American Music Societies, 1918-1939

Arman Goharinasab & Azadeh Latifkar

Portraying Persian patriotism in Aref Qazvini’s Compositions during the early years of 20th century

Meebae Lee

Koreanized Lied or Korean Art Song? Searching for National Elements in Korean Art Songs


* Conference Room 1: Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall (Vassilissis Sofias & Kokkali, Athens), MC 2

** Conference Room 2: Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri” (Vassilissis Sofias & Kokkali, Athens), Lecture Room

*** University of Athens, Central Building (Panepistimiou / Venizelou 30, Athens)